My Guitar projects

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a passion for music, and especially for the electric guitar. However, some of you may not know how crafty I am with these things.
I never keep them original, and I always, but always customize it in some way or another. From little things like changing the headstock graphics, to rewiring all of the electronics and hardware.

Check out the cool sliders below to see before and after photos from my collection of axes.


The Bruce Kulick ESP Banana, as seen on the back of the LP Crazy Nights by Kiss

The Actual Bruce Kulick Radioactive Guitars, used by permission by present owner Michael Naimoli


The Bruce Kulick Radioactive Back Up Guitar as used on the  Crazy Nights Tour

Before I got the ESP Mirage (Above) I only had an Ibanez RG350DX that I made into a Bruce Kulick Tribute Guitar.

Now I got the taste for the Radioactive guitars, I had to have the red B.C. Rich Gunslinger, but an ESP M1 Version

Vinnie Vincent is the most controversial member ever in Kiss. His Custom Jackson V Sells for $10,000+

1969 Les Paul Custom with a Kahler Tremelo System installed, I got it cheap, and built and Ace Frehley Tribute


1980 Custom Hamer Explorer, I used a 2009 Ibanez Destroyer as the Hamers were only built for Paul Stanley