John Hockley

John is first and foremost a classic car enthusiast, and a musician of over 20 years. John started playing guitar at a young age, and music has been a lifelong passion. Going to car shows since way back in the late 70's, his love for the classics have not wavered. Pictured here is John's lifelong dream car, a 1977 Trans Am, which is an exact replica if the car used in Smokey & the Bandit.

John got into graphics accidentally, but has mastered the art of both graphic, and web design. With professional musical acts in his portfolio, ie: Canadian 80's Pop/Rock band Platinum Blonde, And 80's Heavy Metal band Helix (who continues to release amazing albums to this day) as his main clients, this has given John a boost in the music scene as a hard act to follow for Top Notch Hawk Design touch.

John started building HTML based Web Sites as early as 2003, originally designed for an online gaming club, once the website was seen, a lot of clients hired John to build thier websites. It was then that Hawk Design was born. 

With a multitude of websites, classic car art, Music CD covers and band posters, Business signage and displays, Hawk Design has branched out to many directions to further help your business succeed.